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Federal Skilled Workers program

Federal Skilled Workers program for immigration to Canada.

Federal Skilled Workers program  One of the main goals of  immigration to Canada is to welcome skilled newcomers who will contribute to Canada’s growing economy. Skilled workers who settle in Canada on a permanent basis are especially valuable to Canada’s economy and the strength of its workforce.
Successful applicants of the Skilled Worker Immigration programs will receive a Permanent Resident Visa, also called Permanent Resident of Canada Status, allowing the applicant to immigrate to Canada with his or her family.

As a skilled worker or professional, you have several options to consider. For example, you can either apply under Canada’s Federal Skilled Worker Class. In addition, if you know in which province or territory you plan to reside, you may be able to submit an application through one of the provincial nominee programs. Below, you will find a list of those programs for you to explore. We also encourage you to start your free assessment.

Visa Canada Immigration
— Federal Skilled Worker: This program is for individuals with certain work experience who intend to reside in any province or territory outside of the province of Quebec.
— Quebec Skilled Worker: Applicants who plan to immigrate to the province of Quebec may be eligible to submit an application through this program.
— Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs): Most provinces and territories have created their own skilled worker programs for those intending to live and
work in their particular province or territory. These are fast-track Canadian immigration programs that allow candidates to receive a provincial nomination certificate. In most cases, a nomination certificate will allow candidates to immigrate more quickly than through other Canadian immigration programs.
Many Canadian employers are actively seeking foreign skilled workers to join their workforce as quickly as possible. If you can obtain a job offer from a Canadian employer, you may also qualify for fast-track Canadian immigration application processing.
Having examined thoroughly your files our immigration lawyers will point one of you as a main applicant. Main applicant is a member of your family who has high chances for immigration to Canada according to his / her education, age, work experience etc.
The most demanded professions in Canada are:
Canada Federal Skilled Worker Immigration Program

Federal Skilled Worker Immigration Program

— IT,
— Nurses,
— Engineers,
— Mechanical Engineer,
— Software Engineer,
— Equipment Engineers/Operators,
— Computer Systems Manager
— Human Resources Manager,
— Pharmacist,
— Aerospace Engineer,
— Mechanics,
— Banking & Credit Manager,
— Industrial Electrician,
— Welders,
— Carpenters,
— Oil & Gas Services specialists, and this list renovate all the time. 
We will provide you with all the information as to immigration to Canada eligibility.
After starting the process of applying your documents for any of immigration programs (Federal or Provincial) you are informed about all the stages of the process of your immigration to Canada and will be able to connect with our company and Canadian specialist any time with any question by phone or Skype or visiting the office.

A federal program is an immigration program to Canada that allows its participants to exercise their professional skills in the employment field. The candidates who passed the process will eventually get their permanent residence rights and would be able to immigrate to Canada.
What is the essence of the federal program?
1-2 years, averagely the Canadian Immigration Office publishes a list of line of businesses which require experienced and professional employees.
The federal program has many various job opportunities such as; Real Estate, Management Positions, Financial Managers and Accounting, Investment and Market Trading, Engineering, Communications, HR (Human Resources), Marketing and PR (Public Relations) and many more.

Who can take participation in the Federal Program?

The federal program is suitable for educated people who have a degree, which is recognized in Canada and those who have both education and professional resume for the required professions only.
In addition, this program is suitable for those who want to relocate their current residents to Canada and to further succeed in their professional career, while getting a privilege for a permanent residence card.
Important! The federal program is the fastest and the best program for those who want to immigrate to Canada.

Federal program requirements:

There are certain criteria the federal program’s candidates must meet. This criterion was designed to determinate whether the candidate is suitable and may apply for the program.
The following criteria are being checked: Education, Language level, Work resume, Age and Adaptability. Each component has its own rating and the final score is a weighting of all the criteria’s ratings.
To pass the test the target score must be 67 points and higher – This target score is pre-defined by the Canadian Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration.


The criteria include: 

Canada Application

Education: up to 25 points.

Language level, English or French: up to 24 points. (IELTS exam determinate the level of English and the TEF exam determinate the level of French).

Professional resume: up to 21 points.

Age: up to 12 points.

Canadian market demand: up to 10 points.

Potential of adaptability: up to 10 points.

Minimal total score: 67 points out of 100 points.


Let us not forget that there is always might be an exception — if a potential candidate has received a score which is lower than the minimal target score the immigration officer will then consider a second review of the candidate’s case. Alternatively — a candidate might get rejected due to low adaptability grade, although his total score is 67 points and up.
The immigration officer will be using the following characteristics when considering whether the candidate is suitable for the federal program or not: adaptability potential to the Canadian environment and social integration along with employment potential. Also, the immigration officer is taking into consideration the candidate’s will to get familiar with the Canadian’s culture, and his desire to live in Canada.

The more the Immigration officer finds the above detailed in the candidate’s potential there are more chances for that candidate to get an immigration visa.

The federal program is a great opportunity for those who passed and eligible to integrate and get employment in a new culture and a new environment. This change can be a significant and interesting turning point; it can be a great opportunity for each potential candidate integrating into the Canadian employment market.

For more information about the federal program and documents submission — contact us today and we will be happy to answer any question.



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